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Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

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Product Overview

Introducing Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds from Todd's Seeds!

Elevate your garden's charm with these versatile and nutritious sunflower seeds. Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are not only a favorite of birds but also a delightful addition to your garden that brings beauty and utility. Here's everything you need to know about these exceptional seeds:

**Planting Instructions:**
Planting Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds is a straightforward process. Choose a sunny location in your garden with well-draining soil and sow the seeds directly in the spring after the last frost. Space the seeds a few inches apart and water them thoroughly. These sunflowers are known for their rapid growth and adaptability, making them suitable for gardeners of all skill levels.

**Coverage Area:**
Each packet of Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds from Todd's Seeds contains an ample quantity of seeds, providing you with a substantial number of sunflower plants to enhance your garden.

**Benefits of Planting Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds:**
1. **Bird-Friendly:** Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are a favorite among a variety of birds, making them an excellent choice if you want to attract feathered friends to your garden.

2. **Nutrient-Rich:** Sunflower seeds are packed with essential nutrients, including healthy fats, protein, and vitamins, making them a nutritious addition to your garden and diet.

3. **Beautiful Garden Display:** These sunflowers produce classic, large, and vibrant yellow blooms that add a touch of natural beauty to your garden landscape.

4. **Versatile Use:** Sunflower seeds can be harvested for snacking, used in cooking, or left for wildlife to enjoy, offering multiple uses for gardeners.

**Interesting Facts:**
- The "black oil" in the name refers to the seeds' black and white striped shells, which are thinner and easier for birds to crack open compared to other sunflower seed varieties.
- Sunflowers have a long history of cultivation and have been grown for their seeds, oil, and ornamental value for centuries.

Enhance your garden's allure and attract beautiful birds with Todd's Seeds Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. Whether you aim to create a bird-friendly garden, enjoy the beauty of classic yellow sunflowers, or harvest nutritious seeds for snacking and cooking, these versatile and beloved seeds are an excellent choice. Don't miss the opportunity to introduce this classic sunflower variety to your garden this season!


(26 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Black oil sunflower seeds

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 23rd Nov 2018


  • 5
    Black Oil Sunflowers

    Posted by Mark Ross on 6th Sep 2018

    Excellent product

  • 5
    sunflower seeds

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 1st Sep 2018

    Good quality. Fast shipping. Great price. Thanks!

  • 5
    excellent. one of our best sellers

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 20th Jul 2018

    Our customers love these sunflowers

  • 5
    consistant winner

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 9th Jul 2018

    Always one of our most popular Microgreens

  • 5
    Worth the price

    Posted by Kathrine Deakin on 26th Jun 2018

    I decided to try black oil sunflower bird seed from another company - about 1/4 of the price. However there is a major difference in the quality. Tood's seeds are so much better, cleaner, grows faster, greener, so much healthier for my rabbits. Will stick to buying only from Tood's.

  • 4
    great seed for a great price

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 18th Apr 2018

    I use the black oil sunflower seeds to grow sunflower greens. These have a great germination rate and showed even growth.

  • 5
    Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 15th Mar 2018

    Great germination!!

  • 5
    great seeds!

    Posted by Todd's Seeds Lover on 15th Nov 2017

    Great service, and fast shipment! These seeds are have really good germination and the flavor is wonderful as microgreens. Thanks you Todd's!

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