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Todd's Seeds is proud to carry the finest Heirloom bulk vegetable seeds.  These are, without a doubt, the finest seeds available.

Our bulk vegetable seeds are independently laboratory tested to make sure there are no pathogens present, and every lot is germination tested. Germination results are printed on every batch of seeds we ship.
When you buy our bulk vegetable seeds, you can know that you are not only getting incredible value, but the assurance that every single packet and bag of seeds has been hand inspected by a real human being. We deal mainly in Heirloom seeds, so any hybrids will be explicitly identified as a hybrid seed, otherwise, you can know with certainty that the seeds are bulk vegetable Heirloom seeds.

Bulk Vegetable Seeds Do Not Have to be Expensive

Todd's Seeds keep the overhead low and passes the savings onto you. You can rest assured that during the Winter we are freezing in the warehouse, and in the Summer it's pretty not - that's so all the money we save on heating and cooling is used to keep the bulk vegetable seed prices really low! Don't worry about us, we're all tough and being able to offer these high quality seeds at wholesale pricing is worth it.

Bulk Vegetable Seeds - Available, Fresh, High Germination

Whether it's a packet, single pound, or hundreds of pounds of bulk vegetable seeds that you need, Todd's Seeds stand ready to provide you with world class seeds, and world class customer service. When you stop to think about it, seeds are a wonderful thing, and we're nothing short of privileged to be able to offer these seeds to you.
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