We offer the best possible pricing we can for vegetable, flower and sprouting seeds.


Question:  Are you seeds organic, non-gmo and chemical free?

Answer:. Yes, all of our seeds are non-gmo and chemical free.  The vast majority of our seeds are certified organic, however, our warehouse has not been certified as an organic repackaging facility, so we do not put the USDA organic seal on our packaging.  


Question:  How soon will you ship my order?

Answer:  Most orders will ship within 24 hours.  If you order after 2pm Eastern time on a Friday, it will ship out on Monday.  If you order before 2pm Eastern time Monday-Thursday, there is an excellent chance it will ship out the same day.  If it is a very large order, it may take an extra day.


Question:  Do you offer free shipping?

Answer:  We do not, however, the reason why is because we do not want to penalize most of our customers with high prices.  You see, our competitors that offer free shipping have to account for the fact that they ship all over the country, so generally they factor in the most expensive shipping on top of the seed price.  This means the "free shipping" price you are paying for the seed is usually more than what we charge for the seed plus calculated shipping.

Our shipping costs are based on your distance from our Michigan warehouse, and the size of the order.  When we can, we are going to use the USPS Priority Mail service, as that has always traditionally been the least expensive way to deliver a package.  Once the weight gets up there, as it does on larger orders, then we have to use FedEx Ground, which can be very expensive (especially when delivering to a residence).

We decided over ten years ago that rather than play pricing games with "free shipping", we would simply keep the cost of the seed as low as possible, and our customers will pay what it costs us to ship the order.  If the calculated shipping seems expensive, you might we on the west coast, ordering a lot of seed.  On the other hand, if you're close to Michigan you're probably thinking that the total delivered cost of your order is really cheap and a great deal.

Question:. Can I swing by your Livonia, Michigan warehouse and pick up my seeds, or shop right there? 

Answer:  Very sorry, our working warehouse is zoned commercial and we have neither the parking or insurance to allow retail shopping or pickups.  Even if you live around the corner, we must ship you your order.


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