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Yellow Pear Tomato Heirloom Seed

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Get access to free downloadable seed planting instructions here


Get access to free downloadable seed planting instructions here


Product Overview

Yellow Pear Tomato are petite tomatoes which tend to harvest in clusters. Avoid planting in soils that have recently grown potatoes, tomatoes, peppers or eggplants for a minimum of two years. It is an old-time favorite from past generations because they produce an abundance of tomatoes and they tend to be small: 1-2 inches of yellow pear-shaped fruit. They tend to be at its peak of sweetness when they change from yellow to light orange. They tend to take 75-78 days to mature. It is best to start growing the seeds indoors six weeks prior to the last frost of spring.

The seeds should be sown in a starting mix that's well-drained and soilless, about a half inch deep. For optimal results grow them in moist soil anywhere from 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer the soil is this will allow for a rapid development. Finally, make sure that watering is moderated when you can see the seedlings poking through the soil. Transplanting the seed outside should not be rushed because the cold soil and bad air temperatures can stress plants.


1 Packet: 250 mg

1 Gram ~ 250-380 seeds

1 Pound ~ 175,000 seeds


(No reviews yet) Write a Review