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Partial Shade Seed Mix

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This Partial Shade Seed Mix consists of a variety of 26 wildflowers, all tolerant to large amounts of shade. The blooms include both annuals and perennials, and need only four hours of exposure to the sun every day. They tend to bloom throughout the entire season each year. The annuals will bloom first, providing splashes of color with the perennials when they bloom in the following years. The greater the area planted, the better the results will be. They will tolerate all types of various soil conditions, such as sandy, loamy, clay, acidic, moist or wet, and dry soils.

They cover a wide area, so they are ideal for gardeners with vast amounts of land or open spaces. On average a quarter pound pack of seeds can cover up to a thousand square feet, and a 10 pound pack can cover up to 30,000 sq. feet. The soil needs to be treated prior to planting, therefore ensuring that there are no previous plants, or even worse, weeds that exist in the plantation area. They require dry soil, partial dry and wet soil, moist and well-drained soil, each type of soil requirement will be detailed on the packet, therefore consult details on the seed packet. Seeds can be stored in a cool, dry area.

Mix Contains:

Aquilegia vulgaris - Garden Columbine - P - Height: 10-18"


Centaurea cyanus - Bachelor's Button - A - Height: 12-36"


Cheiranthus allionii - Siberian Wallflower - B/P - Height: 10-18"


Chrysanthemum maximum - Daisy Chrysanthemum - P - Height: 16-24"


Clarkia elegans - Clarkia Mix - A - Height: 18-30"


Coreopsis lanceolata - Lance Leaf Coreopsis - P - Height: 18-36"


Coreopsis tinctoria - Plains Coreopsis - A - Height: 12-36"


Cynoglossum amabile - Chinese Forget-Me-Not - A/B - Height: 18-24"


Delphinium consolida - Rocket Larkspur - A - Height: 12-36"


Dianthus barbatus - Sweet William - P - Height: 12-24"


Digitalis purpurea - Common Foxglove - B/P - Height: 24-48"


Gypsophila elegans - Annual Baby's Breath - A - Height: 8-18"


Lavatera trimestris - Rose Mallow - A - Height: 24-48"


Nemophila menziesii - Baby Blue Eyes - A - Height: 4-12"


Papaver rhoeas - Shirley Poppy - A - Height: 12-30"


A-Annual 59%

P-Perennial 15%

B-Biennial 26%

1 Packet = 1g ~ 4-500 seeds

1 Ounce ~ 12,500 seeds

1 Pound ~ 200,000 seeds



(No reviews yet) Write a Review