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(Callistephus chinensis) Aster Single Rainbow Seed

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Aster Single Rainbow Seed (Callistephus chinensis) are the perfect bloom for cut flowers. They have a wonderful fragrance, not too overpowering and sweet smelling. They are an old-fashioned favorite, a classic addition to any gardener's yard. With a large variety of colors ranging from white, bright red, rose, lavender, and fuchsia, they work perfectly as a border in a flower bed, or alone as a potted plant. These beautiful flowers will bloom from summer until fall, and will reach a height of around 24 inches.

It's recommended to start growing them indoors between 6 and 8 weeks before the last anticipated frost date, in relatively neutral soil. Once germinated, they need full to partial sun and regular water, but be careful to make sure that you don't overwater them and that the soil remains well-drained. These are very easy flowers to grow, and with a cut flower life of around two weeks, they're perfect for displays on the kitchen table in the summer.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review