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(Callistephus Chinensis) Aster Crego Seed Mix

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Product Overview

(Callistephus Chinensis) Aster Crego Seed Mix can also be referred to as China Asters. They grow in the vibrant colors purple, white, red, and pink. The "Crego" cultivated variety features daintily curved petals, with a full flower that matures in the fall and summer seasons. They tend to thrive in many different climates, but find it difficult to grow when droughts or frost are an issue. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the soil is moist and watered at all times. Ideally seeds should be sown inside six weeks prior to the final frost of spring. Proper and consistent watering will encourage them to grow in your garden and help you obtain long-lasting blooms and healthy plants.

In order to have the optimal planting results set 3-inch diameter seedlings to the inside of a drip tray. Ensure the soil is moist, and drain any excess water after watering to ensure that the soil isn't over-watered. Then, take two pots and sow 2 seeds per pot, placing them directly on the surface of the soil. Lightly cover the seed with approximately a layer about a quarter inch thick of the soil. Take some plastic wrap (make sure it's clear), and place it on top of the pots so that they're fully covered. This helps to maintain an even amount of moisture for the plants so they can begin to sprout. Afterwards put the spots in a location that's between 70-75 degree Fahrenheit, as well as in indirect sunlight. They can mature in the dark, yet can also sprout quickly with light. Once you see the spout emerge, you can take the plastic wrap off the pots and move them into a location where they receive at 6 hours or more of direct sunlight. This means that they are ready to be planted outside, ensure they are watered frequently to obtain the best results.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review