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Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seed

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Product Overview


Introducing Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seeds from Todd's Seeds!

Elevate your garden's charm with the regal and stunning Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seeds. These majestic and richly colored sunflowers are sure to add a burst of vibrant beauty and natural elegance to any outdoor space, whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner. Here's everything you need to know about this delightful heirloom flower:

**Planting Instructions:**
Planting Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seeds is a straightforward process. Choose a sunny location in your garden with well-draining soil and sow the seeds directly in the spring after the last frost. Space the seeds a few inches apart and water them thoroughly. Velvet Queen Sunflowers are known for their rapid growth and adaptability, making them suitable for gardeners of all skill levels.

**Coverage Area:**
Each packet of Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seeds from Todd's Seeds contains an ample quantity of seeds, usually enough to cover a generous area in your garden, providing a regal and diverse display of these colorful and heirloom sunflowers.

**Benefits of Planting Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seeds:**
1. **Rich Burgundy Blooms:** Velvet Queen Sunflowers are celebrated for their striking and deep burgundy-red blooms that create a regal and visually captivating garden display.

2. **Attracts Pollinators:** These sunflowers are known to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, promoting a healthy garden ecosystem and enhancing biodiversity in your outdoor space.

3. **Classic Heirloom Variety:** Velvet Queen Sunflowers are a classic heirloom variety, cherished for their timeless beauty and historical significance in gardening.

4. **Versatile Use:** Use the cut flowers in arrangements or let them grace your garden as a focal point, adding elegance and color to your outdoor space.

**Interesting Facts:**
- Velvet Queen Sunflowers, scientifically known as Helianthus annuus, are a cherished heirloom variety with a history dating back to the 19th century.
- These sunflowers are sometimes referred to as "Red Sunflowers" due to their deep burgundy-red petals.

Enhance your garden's allure with Todd's Seeds Velvet Queen Sunflower Heirloom Seeds. Whether you aim to create a regal and elegant garden display, attract pollinators, or celebrate the beauty and history of heirloom flowers, these majestic and richly colored sunflowers are an excellent choice. Don't miss the opportunity to introduce this regal heirloom variety to your garden this season!


1 Packet: 10 g

1 Gram ~ 10-20 seeds

1 Pound ~ 3,500 seeds



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