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Todd's Seeds Medicinal Herb Seeds - 12 Variety Pack - Perfect as Culinary Herbs

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Nature has provided us with nutrients and medicinal uses for hundreds of years. Now, most ailments can be cured by something purchased from a pharmacy but sometimes it's just nice to go back a hundred years to when things were more simple. If you can cure a stomach ache or a migraine with an herb grown in your kitchen, why wouldn't you choose that?! Growing things from seed is always the healthiest route to go because you know that there were no chemicals used in the growing process and that everything is Non-GMO. We guarantee that none of our seeds are genetically modified and all of the herbs listed below that you will receive are heirloom seeds. We also test all of our seeds for germination, pathogens, and pesticides to ensure you are receiving only the highest quality of seeds. You will also receive a FREE PDF with your order that includes detailed instructions on medicinal and culinary uses for all the herb seeds.

Herbs Included:

Basil - 1g
Chamomile - 250 mg (~200 seeds)
Coriander/Cilantro - 1g
Mammoth  Dill - 1g
Fennel - 1g
Hyssop - 250 mg
Lavender - 1g
Lemon Balm - 1g
Oregano - 250 mg (~500 seeds)
Parsley - 1g
Thyme - 250 mg (~200 seeds)
Yarrow - 250 mg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review