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Plains Coreopsis, Tall (Coreopsis tinctoria) Seed

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Plains Coreopsis seeds bloom into red and yellow flowers. They are approximately 30-36 inches tall when they mature and tend to bloom from summer to fall. They have an abundance of cool, vibrant colors which can be seen over many meadows in the Southeast America especially in Florida. They´re fantastic for cutting. Plains Coreopsis tend to cover a vast amount of land up to 43,000 square feet and they are native to North America, The Great Plains and Southern United States. Their ideal growing regions are Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest,

West and the Pacific NorthWest. Their main uses are they act as a deer resistant, cut flowers, showy flowers and extended blooms. Plains Coreopsis seeds ideal soil conditions tend to be dry, average and well-drained. They are tolerant to sandy soil, loamy soil and dry soil. The seeds can be stored if kept in a cool, dry place. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review