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Mustard Microgreen Seed Sampler

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Product Overview

Included in this Mustard Microgreen Seed Sampler are the most popular types of Mustard seeds for growing microgreens along with varieties that are bred specially for growing microgreens. You will receive 1 oz of each type of Mustard seed.

Varieties you will receive:

Red Giant Mustard or Southern Giant Curled Mustard (our choice based on supply)
Tatsoi Mustard
Mizuna Mustard
Tendergreen Mustard or Florida Broadleaf Mustard or Southern Giant (our choice based on supply)
Old Fashioned Mustard

All of these seeds are great for Microgreens but you can also create sprouting mixes with them or even grow the entire mature plant! Try something different with this unique variety of Mustard Microgreen seeds that will really add some variety and spice up your food!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review