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Dianthus, Sweet William, Single Mix Seed

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Dianthus, Sweet William, Single Mix Seed is biennial and flowers better in its second year. It is a close relative to the carnation and is one of the wildflowers which were taken from the wild and planted into gardens. There are a number of hybrids made from this flower and other in the pink family. The wide range of colors and blooms make this is a spectacular display in the meadows. They require half shade, indicating that they require on average about 3 hours per day. The flower colors are white, mixed, pink and red. They mature to an average height of 12-24 inches tall.

The favorable time to bloom is in summer. They grow best when the soil is average, i.e. partly wet and dry and when the soil is well-drained. They will tolerate different types of soil such as sandy, loamy, and clay. They derive from Europe and are mainly found in the mountains of Europe. The seeds are storable, therefore you can keep them in a cool place within the house, but the recommendation is not to include them in the freezer, because this is below their optimal temperature.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review