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California Poppy, White Linen (Eschscholzia Californica) Seed

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California Poppy, White Linen (Eschscholzia Californica) Seed is a beautiful white version of the classic California Poppy. Its soft petals tend to have fringed edges instead of the rounded ones that the other variety possesses, giving it a beautiful and unique touch that compliments the delicate white color. The poppy is known for being the state flower of California, where it can carpet entire hillsides on the coast, creating spectacular displays of naturally growing wildflowers. As beautiful as they are on the Californian Coast, they will without a doubt be a perfect addition to any garden.

Since the Poppy is such a simple flower to care for, they're a perfect gift for somebody wanting to start getting into gardening, or for a child who wants to nurture flowers. While this beautiful bloom flourishes in California, it will do well almost anywhere else. All it needs is a healthy dose of sun, around 6 hours a day, along with well-drained soil for it to continue to thrive all throughout the season. The plant, when mature, will grown between one and two feet tall, making it ideal for a border in a flowerbed. They're also deer resistant, making them a perfect choice for somebody struggling with these pests.


1 Packet: 1 g

1 Gram ~ 660 seeds

1 Pound ~ 294,835 seeds



(No reviews yet) Write a Review