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Bachelor Button (Centaurea cyanus) Tall Red Seed

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Bachelor Button (Centaurea cyanus) Tall Red Seed are another variety of the popular flower. They bloom in bright red bursts, adding splashes of color and drama to your gardens. Reaching 12-18 inches high at maturity, they work well as a flower border. The average germination time for these flowers is between 2-4 weeks, but once they begin to bloom, they will flower in large bursts. Although they are technically annuals, they will re-seed themselves if left long enough to, reducing the need to replant in the following season. Full sun is preferred, but they will also do well in partial sun providing they're planted in soil that is well-drained.

Bees and butterflies are very commonly attracted to these flowers, but they are deer resistant. As soon as the soil is able to be worked, the seeds can be planted outdoors. Make sure to prep the soil by loosening and weeding, and plant the seeds in rows, about six seeds for each foot of soil. The blooms should appear 10-12 weeks after sowing, and will continue to bloom for around a month.


Packet Size = One Gram



(No reviews yet) Write a Review