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All Annual Wildflower Seed

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All Annual Wildflower Seed are best to plant after the last frost date has past. Choose a spot in the garden or open space which has more than 6 hours of direct sun each day. Prepare the soil by clearing the area of all existing growth. Dig up everything that is growing and turn the soil and rake the area flat. If the area has never been used before then tilling the area may be required in order to remove growth. The soil should be well-drained to ensure that it is watered sufficiently and is not over wet or lacking water. It is a perennial and easy to care for with a height ranging between 4-6 feet and it can spread from 2-4 feet.
After this period it can survive on natural weather and does not need further watering. However, if you are experiencing droughts, then it is recommended that you continue to water the flowers. Preferable bloom times are from late summer to early fall. The flower colors range from red, pink, white, indigo, violet and blue. The foliage color is anything from medium green to gray-green. The flower stalks with upright spikes, the flowers borne above the foliage.

Mix Contains:

Calendula officinalis - Calendula - Height: 12 to 24

Centaurea cyanus - Bachelor Button - Height: 12 to 36

Cheiranthus allionii - Siberian Wallflower - Height: 10 to 18

Coreopsis tinctoria - Plains Coreopsis - Height: 12 to 36

Cosmos bipinnatus - Cosmos - Height: 36 to 60

Delphinium ajacis - Rocket Larkspur - Height: 12 to 36

Dimorphotheca aurantiaca - African Daisy - Height: 8 to 16

Eschscholtzia californica - California Poppy - Height: 12 to 18

Gaillardia pulchella - Indian Blanket - Height: 12 to 24

Gilia tricolor - Bird's Eyes - Height: 12 to 18

Gypsophila elegans - Baby's Breath - Height: 8 to 18

Iberis umbellata - Candytuft - Height: 12 to 18

Linaria maroccana - Spurred Snapdragon N. Lights -  Height: 12 to 124

Linum grandiflorum rubrum - Scarlet Flax - Height: 12 to 36

Lobularia maritima - Sweet Alyssum - Height: 8 to 16

Lupinus hartwegii - Lupine - Height: 12 to 24

Oenothera lamarckiana - Evening Primrose - Height: 24 to 60

Papaver rhoeas - Corn Poppy - Height: 12 to 30

Phacelia campanularia - California Bluebells - Height: 8 to 20

Rudbeckia hirta - Black Eyed Susan - Height: 12 to 36

Silene armeria - Catchfly - Height: 16 to 22


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    Wildflower Seeds

    Posted by Leah Brady on 26th May 2014

    Shipping is here within one days time and love the fact that they have NO GMO seeds. I use the wildflower seeds for envelopes for weddings bridal shower, baby shower favors and etc. thanks for the great customer service.