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Chrysanthemum Coronarium, Garland Seed

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Chrysanthemum Coronarium, Garland Seed bloom into single to double bright yellow flowers. They are also known as the Crown Daisy. They are colorful 1.5 inch wide flowers with a bushy, pale grayish green and densely branching plant. The flowers and foliage are edible, making them useful in the kitchen as well as in the garden. They're excellent for borders and cutting as they reach a height of between 24-36 inches. They prefer full sun light in order to bloom. Their blooming period is from summer to fall. It takes 5 -10 days to mature. Optimal soil conductions should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

They should be planted at least one eighth of an inch deep and spacing should be 4 inches. Ideally they should be planted 12 - 16 inches apart. Sow the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost. However, to get the earliest bloom, you can sow them in the open space or garden, provided the frost will not occur again. If this is the case then plan them with a depth of an eighth of an inch. The only important factor is it requires light to grow the soil conditions are not important. When the seedlings have grown to 2-3 inches high then thin them to 18 inches apart, replant the thinned plants.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review