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Blues Brothers, All Blue Bloom Mix Seed

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Blues Brothers, All Blue Bloom Mix Seed has an annual cycle and they require direct sunlight of at least 6 hours per day, some seeds require only 3 hours per day and others bloom in half shade this means that they only require at least one hour of sunlight per day. On average a 10 pound order of seeds can cover 20 to 30, 000 square feet.  Ideally the soil should be treated prior to planting to ensure that there are no previous plants or roots in the soil. These blue flowers prefer wet, well-drained soil so be sure that if you're planting in pots that there are drainage holes. Included in this variety is over 10 different shades of blue flowers which will make a dramatic, scene and beautiful hues throughout your yard. These are our most popular mix due to the large variety of flowers included.  They contain bold, cool color and therefore are the perfect mix.  There are on average 11 different annual and perennial wildflowers that are easy to grow and will illuminate gardens and open spaces.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review