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Beneficial Insectary Mix Seed

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This Insectary Mix grows hard-working, beautiful flowers that are useful for attracting ladybugs, ground beetles, lacewings, and other beneficial insects that will keep away other pests. An additional benefit is that these flowers will help to attract nectar-sipping and pest-eating bugs with their pollen. This will allow the insects to pollenate your various crops, be it fruits or vegetables. The more area covered with this seed, the better the results will be. This Insectary Seed Mix is an earth-friendly and chemical-free way to help rid your garden of nasty insect pests.

They will tolerate all type of different soil conditions such as sandy soil, loamy soil, clay soil, acidic soil, dry soil and wet soil. They cover a vast amount of area, so they are ideal for gardeners with vast amounts of land or open spaces. On average a 10 pound pack of seeds can cover 20 to 30, 0000 square feet as opposed to a 25 pound pack covering over an acre of land. Ideally the soil should be treated prior to planting to ensure that there are no previous plants or roots in the soil.

Achillea millefolium - White Yarrow - P - Height:12 to 36, White


Gypsophila elegans - Baby's Breath - A - Height: 8 to 18, White


Iberis umbellate - Candytuft - A - Height: 12 to 18, White/Pink/Violet


Layia platyglossa - Tidy Tips - A - Height: 6 to 12, Yellow-White


Lobularia maritime - Alyssum - TP - Height: 8 to 16, White


Nemophila menziesii - Baby Blue Eyes - A - Height: 4 to 12, Blue


Phacelia campanularia - California Bluebells - A - Height: 8 to 20, Blue


Trifolium repens - White Dutch Clover - P - Height: 4 to 10, White


Annual 50%


Perennial 50%



(No reviews yet) Write a Review