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Jubilee Tomato Heirloom Seed

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Golden Jubilee Tomato won the All American bronze medal in 1943. The tomato seeds are one of the most popular on the market due to the fact they are easy to manage and passed on from generations to generations, because of their growth rate and their tangy taste. They are round with a golden tapestry of color, ideal for summer salads with a juicy and firm texture. Their vines continue to grow and produce plants throughout the season. This makes them easy to manage and therefore can be planted once they have reached their optimal level.

The Golden Jubilee Tomato is refreshing on a hot summer day with a combination of a sweet and tangy taste. It has a high Vitamin C content and is less acidic compared to other varieties. To obtain optimal planting and harvesting results it is best to use fertilizers and sprays in individual three inch deep pots. Ensure that they are constantly watered and that the water drips out of the bottom. The plants should be set outside in a shady location for this duration until they are ready to be planted in the garden. After they have grown to between six to ten inches tall they should be planted in the garden.  75 days.


1 Packet: 250 mg

1 Gram ~ 250-380 seeds

1 Pound ~ 175,000 seeds



(No reviews yet) Write a Review