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Early Prolific Straightneck Heirloom Seed

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Early Prolific Straightneck Heirloom Seed produces a high yield of a lemon type of yellow shaped squash. It is used as a standard for all types of squashes and has been for many generations. It is adaptable to a variety of areas. It tastes best when it is 7 inches or smaller. It is popular during the summer due to its refreshing taste. They are warm weather crops and the germination temperature varies from 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It takes on average 3-10 days to mature and allow at least 48 inches between the rowing spaces. The planting space should be between 24-36 inches. This summer squash prefers the warm weather, therefore their germination temperature is quite high at a minimum of 70 degrees. Mounding it up a small hill ensures they have the correct soil consistency and this gives them the warm soil they require at the right speed. Mixing the soil with compost consisting of wood ash and bone meal creates a perfect soil mixture for the seeds.

1 Packet: 7g

1 Gram ~ 7-15 seeds

1 Pound ~ 4,000 seeds



(No reviews yet) Write a Review