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Hearts of Gold Melon Heirloom Seed

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90 days. Popular 6 inch cantaloupe. Slight sutures, medium netting. Very sweet orange flesh.

1 Packet: 4g (around 120 seeds)

1 Pound ~ 13,600 seeds


The Hearts of Gold Melon is a delicious variety that has golden flesh. This melon is a good choice for short-season climates. It has a sweet, juicy and aromatic flavor. It is easy to germinate and transplant. It is recommended to start melons indoors at least two weeks before the transplant date. Once they are established, they should be thinned to a single plant and planted at least 6 feet apart.

This melon is small and has a sweet, deep orange flesh. The vines are vigorous and productive, and the fruit grows to 6.5 inches in diameter and weighs three to four pounds. It is also resistant against blight, making them suitable for growing in a garden. It can produce 5-7 melons per plant. Despite its high price tag, the Hearts of Gold is a great addition to your garden!

The Hearts of Gold melon's deep orange flesh has a sweet and aromatic taste. It has a firm, heavy netting, and is about two pounds in weight. The fruit is a long-lasting keeper, with a few days of storage time. The fruit will be ripe and ready to eat as early as June. The seeds can be stored for five years. It can be kept in a cool, dry place and will keep for several months.

The Hearts of Gold melon is an heirloom variety with a sweet, deep orange flesh. The fruit is a medium-sized melon with an ample cavity and a heavy, netted rind. Its vines are vigorous and resistant to rust. Roland Morrill released the Hearts of Gold in 1895. It is a cross between Osage and Netted Gem.

The Hearts of Gold Melon is an American favorite. It is a 2-pound melon that has bright orange flesh. It matures in eighty to ninety days and has a sweet, juicy taste. Its rind is thin, with a lot of netting. Its size ranges from two to three pounds. It can be planted in hills but it does not thrive in containers. It thrives in shade and well-drained soil. This makes it a good choice for commercial cantaloupes.

The Hearts of Gold Melon is a high-quality heirloom variety that grows well in the Midwest. The flesh is rich and sweet, and the rinds are thin and lightly ribbed. The hearts of gold melon is a delicious and nutritious snack. It is packed with 1,000 seeds per ounce and makes a great summer snack. Its distinctive color and flavor makes it a popular fruit for all family members.

The Hearts of Gold Melon cantaloupe is sweet, juicy and delicious. The round, heart-shaped fruit can weigh up to two to three pounds. It needs a hot and dry climate to thrive. To avoid root-bound cantaloupes, it should be planted two weeks before the last frost. It is a great addition to summer gardeners. This is the perfect time to plant your melons and reap the rewards!




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