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Tidy Tips (Layia Playglossa) Seed

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Tidy Tips (Layia Playglossa) seeds are a speedy growing and low maintenance Californian wildflower. They bloom in the spring and are very similar to the common daisy, with bright yellow petals ending with a white tip, and when they mature, can grow to heights of 9-12 inches high. They are resistant to drought like climates and require little attention, making them ideal for someone with a busy schedule. The Tidy Tips seed take 10 to 28 days in order to germinate; this is dependent on the weather conditions. They should be sown directly outside, early on in the growing season, just before the anticipated final frost.

Plant the seeds just 1/8 inch deep or spread them around the required planting area. Use a little bit of water to flush them into the soil. Increase them to around 6 inches apart in order to maximize the plant growth. They will continue to re-seed for many years to come. Tidy Tips plants enjoy full sunlight which means they require around 6 hours of sunlight each day, but will also thrive in cooler areas. They can tolerate any type of soil, but they must be well drained, as wet soils and extreme heats can cause them to suffer.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review