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Sustainable Village Indoor Plant Mister | Copper Stainless Spray Mister | Orchid Spritzer | Succulent Mister | Fine Mist Spray Bottle, Plant Sprayer Mister | Elegant Room Decor

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This beautiful plant mister will seriously impress you! You can use it to spritz succulents, spray hanging air plants, mist orchids with food, or nearly any other misting application you could imagine in your garden. This perfect gardener's gift will surely impress house guests with its practicality and beauty! Avoid cheap and unsightly plant spray bottle and plant mister spray bottle models.

When you purchase from Sustainable Village, you're purchasing quality. This metal plant mister looks beautiful almost anywhere, and will do a fantastic job of keeping your orchids moist and fed, of keeping proper humidity around bonsai trees, and can even be used to keep mosses and terrariums happy. Some folks even use these to spritz succulents and water other indoor plants. With something so aesthetically-pleasing and pragmatic, you'll find all kinds of excuses around your house to use this mister--you'll be wondering how you ever got on without one!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review