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Strawflower (Helichrysum montrrosum) Seed

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Strawflower (Helichrysum montrrosum) Seeds bloom into one of the most popular flowers for dried arrangements and is beautiful in a summer bouquet. They are native to Australia and their ideal growing regions in the US are Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West and Northwest. The multi-petaled with the long-stemmed flowers are amazing at all stages, from the bud opening to the silky sheen that has so many rich colors. The colors include pink, rose, white, and yellow, and the average height of the flowers are 24-36 inches when they mature.

They will not grow on most soil conditions, therefore the only soils for them to grow on average and well-drained soil and they do not tolerate loamy soil. They have an annual lifecycle and require plenty for direct sunlight at 6 hours per day or half a shade of at least 4 hours per day. Strawflower´s bloom time is summer to fall. They require average or well-drained soil and they will not tolerate loamy soil. Strawflowers can be used as cut flowers, as decorative purposes so they can be displayed as hanging flowers in containers, dried flowers, showy flowers and extended bloomers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review