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Spicy Mustard And Radish Microgreen and Sprouting Seeds Mix- One Pound - China Rose Radish, Rambo Radish, Green Mustard, And Red Giant Mustard Seed

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This spicy sprouting seed mix is a unique and flavorful blend of popular and tangy microgreen and sprouting seeds including China Rose Radish, Rambo Radish, Mustard, and Red Giant Mustard. You won't find a spicier, more beautiful mix anywhere else. If you can't handle the kick though you can always add small bits of this mix into your broccoli or cabbage to create a beautifully balanced fresh and spicy mix.


These seeds are perfect for growing microgreens or sprouting seeds. They will produce beautiful dark green leaves and a mix of ivory and pink stems along with all purple sprouts/greens from the Rambo Radish. You just can't beat that.


Sprout maturity in 4-6 days

Microgreen maturity 5 days to harvest at 3-4"


Perfect for soups, salads, sandwiches, sushi, or garnish.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review