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Poppy Mix - Papaver Seed

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Product Overview

This Poppy Mix thrives best in cooler weather. They're smaller flowers, but with bright blooms in colors such as orange, red, white, and pink. They germinate relatively quickly (10-21 days), and to get the best results, the soil should have a temperature around 60 or 65 degrees F. Once they do start to germinate, you should continue to thin out the seedlings, cutting the tops off with scissors, and leaving only two or three of the most healthy per pallet. After thinning out, transfer them to pots until full leaves have begun to bloom.

One problem that's common with the Poppy is that when they're growing, they'll have some fungus on them, which can potentially slow their growth. To prevent this, provide good air circulation, such as a small fan blowing on the sprouts, or even just brushing them with our hand each day. Once they start to mature, make sure that the soil you're using isn't too heavy, and thin it down with sand or peat moss. They can be grown inside, but need full sun, so they would require lights. Sow the seeds in the fall in areas with a mild winter, or in spring in other areas.

1 Packet: 1 g

1 Gram: 660 seeds

1 Pound: 294,835 seeds



(No reviews yet) Write a Review