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Morning Glory Mix Seed

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Product Overview

The Morning Glory (Ipomoea alba) family includes large, white blooms that come out two times a day, at night and before mid-day. They are sweetly fragrant and annual flowers. They are annual flowers and can bloom in full light i.e. 6 hours of sunlight per day or half shade which is around 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. They are white, pretty flowers and they open up as the shape of the moon. They are estimated to be around 120-180 inches tall when they mature. Blooming time is from early summer to mid fall.

They require the soil to be average and well drained, which means they are flexible with their soil conditions, because they will tolerate sandy, loamy, and clay soil. They originate from the Tropical and Subtropical areas of North and South America. They are used as a fragrant (due to their subtle sweet smell), but also work well as extended blooms and showy flowers. The seeds can be stored in cool conditions only i.e. not in the refrigerator.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review