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Great White Mycorrhizae 8oz

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Great White is the most advanced mycorrhizal product on the market today. The combination of mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, trichoderma, and plant vitamins will give your plants a strong and developed root system. This will enable your plants to break down and absorb nutrients efficiently and effectively. Also, it will increase water uptake and the overall absorption area of the root system, resulting in a healthier plant. Can be used in hydroponics as well as soil. May also be injected in to media. 

Mycorrhizae are symbiotic relationships that form between fungi and plants. The fungi colonize the root system of a host plant, providing increased water and nutrient absorption capabilities while the plant provides the fungus with carbohydrates formed from photosynthesis.


How do plants benefit from having mycorrhizal association?
(i) The fungus absorbs phosphorus from the soil and passes it to the plant. (ii) Plants with mycorrhizal association show resistance to root borne pathogens. (iii) They show increased tolerance to salinity and drought.
Plants that do not respond to mycorrhizae include azalea, beet, blueberry, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage/kale, carnation, cauliflower, collards, cranberry, heath, huckleberry, mustard, protea, rhododendron, sedge and spinach.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review