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Cosmos Bipinnatus Dwarf White Seed

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Cosmos Bipinnatus Dwarf White Seed are known for towering high above the other flowers in the meadow. However, some gardeners wish to have this beautiful flower without dealing with heights of up to 6 feet, so they opt for this beautiful dwarf variety. It will only reach between 1 and 2 feet tall, making it much more proper for a classic garden style. They're beautiful out in the yard or also as cut flowers with their delicate white petals and thin stalks. They love full sun and well-drained, moist soil, but are also somewhat heat and drought-tolerant.

These flowers will continue to bloom throughout the summer season as long as care is taken to remove the dead flowers, allowing more to grow in their place. It's recommended to plant in mid or late spring, making sure that the soil is warm enough and that it is well past the final frost of the winter season. Butterflies and bees love this beautiful wildflower, and will be attracted to your garden with their fragrant scent. An added benefit of this plant is its ability to self-sow, making it a low maintenance addition to any garden.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review