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Bush Bean - Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Bean seed

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Product Overview


Bush Bean - Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Bean Seed

**Product Overview**

Todd's Seeds is proud to offer the Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Bean Seed, a classic and versatile bean variety. These heirloom beans, also known as 'cranberry beans,' are cherished for their strikingly beautiful pods and beans, as well as their rich, hearty flavor. The Dwarf Horticulture Taylor is a bush type bean, known for its compact growth habit and abundant yields, making it an ideal choice for gardeners with limited space or those looking for a bountiful harvest in a small garden.

**Planting Instructions**

- **Sowing Time:** Plant directly in the garden after the last frost date when soil is warm.
- **Soil Requirements:** Prefers well-drained, moderately fertile soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0.
- **Planting Depth:** Sow seeds about 1 inch deep.
- **Spacing:** Plant seeds 3 inches apart in rows spaced 18 inches apart.
- **Germination:** Germination typically occurs within 7-10 days at 70°F.

**Growth and Care**

- **Watering:** Keep soil evenly moist, especially during flowering and pod development.
- **Sunlight:** Full sun to ensure healthy growth and maximum yield.
- **Fertilizing:** A light application of fertilizer at planting is sufficient.
- **Harvesting:** Harvest when the pods are plump, and the beans inside are fully developed but still soft.

**Health Benefits**

Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Beans are not only a culinary delight but also a nutritious choice:

- **High in Protein:** An excellent source of plant-based protein.
- **Rich in Fiber:** Beneficial for digestive health and heart health.
- **Vitamins and Minerals:** Abundant in vitamins B and C, iron, potassium, and magnesium.
- **Antioxidants:** Contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

**Delicious Recipe: Hearty Taylor Bean Soup**

Warm up with this comforting and nutritious soup made from your garden-grown Taylor beans.


- 2 cups Dwarf Horticulture Taylor beans, soaked overnight
- 1 onion, chopped
- 2 carrots, diced
- 2 stalks celery, diced
- 1 ham hock or bacon (optional)
- 6 cups chicken or vegetable broth
- Salt and pepper, to taste
- Fresh herbs (like thyme or parsley), for garnish


1. Drain and rinse the soaked beans.
2. In a large pot, combine beans, onion, carrots, celery, and ham hock or bacon.
3. Add broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until beans are tender, about 1-1.5 hours.
4. Season with salt and pepper. Remove ham hock, shred meat, and return to the soup.
5. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve hot.

The Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Bean Seed from Todd's Seeds is perfect for gardeners looking to grow a bean that is as nutritious as it is beautiful and flavorful. Enjoy the unique qualities that these beans bring to your garden and kitchen.



1 Packet: 15 g

1 Gram ~ 2-10 seeds

1 Pound ~ 1800 seeds



(No reviews yet) Write a Review