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Bachelor Button (Centaurea cyanus) Tall White Seed

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Product Overview

Bachelor Button (Centaurea cyanus) Tall White Seed are beautiful flowers that will suit any garden, be it a formal garden paradise, or just wildflower accent beds across the yard. The blooms of these delicate flowers are a serene pure white, standing out against the dark green foliage. It may also be recognized by its other name, the Cornflower. These flowers are very easy to grow, and will bloom quickly, giving you perfect specimens for either cut or dried arrangements. They are also self-sowing, but will only do so if you leave a few flowers to drop their seeds before cutting.

In order to encourage optimal growth, make sure to cut off the dead blooms as the season progresses. They prefer anything from full to partial sun, and will thrive in a variety of soils, as long as it's drained well. Mild climates and water in moderation is perfect for the Bachelor Button, but they also have the ability to withstand drought. An added benefit is their deer resistance, while still attracting bees and butterflies. You can sow the seeds outside in early spring, as soon as you're able to work the soil to plant them.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review